Why a Custom Wall Canvas is Better than Traditional Pictures

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Having an office that is decorated with artistic pictures is a common tradition. You see them everywhere from restaurants and offices, to doctor’s practices and dentists. That doesn’t mean that they are the best choice, though. A custom wall canvas has many advantages over these ubiquitous pictures, and modern technology has made getting one easier than ever. So let’s see why a custom wall canvas is better than traditional pictures.

No nails, no damage

Having a nice picture hanging on the wall is great, but putting holes in the wall is not something that you or (if you rent) your landlord wants to do. They can ruin the walls, and are eyesores when the picture is taken down. With a canvas, there is no such problem. Everything stays nice and smooth with no damage.

Custom images

It is possible to get a custom picture made, but never at the size and resolution that a wall canvas can provide, and certainly not for the price. Nothing makes an office look better than having a full, custom made print that you took yourself. Hanging a picture is nice, but having a full mural covering the wall, at a fair price is unbeatable.

One time installation

Putting your canvas on the wall might take a few steps to do, but once it is on there, it’s on. No moving, no remodeling, no having worry about balance for feng shui. It covers the wall, and you don’t have to fret about what you are going to put around it.

A traditional picture will never go out of style, but they don’t offer all of the advantages that a custom wall canvas does. With one, you will avoid all the damage from nails, you get your own gigantic custom images, and don’t have to worry about any other problems, decorations, or extra installations after it is on the wall. Take a look at a custom wall canvas for your space today.

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