Unique Places to Put Up Your Wall Mural

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Getting a wall mural has a ton of advantages over your more traditional types of artwork. More convenient, less cumbersome, and more adaptable are just a few. Everyone dreams of having a big one stuck on the wall in their living room or brandishing it across the back wall of their office, but what are some of the more unique places to put your wall mural art? Here are some of the best ideas that are customers have come up with.

A Dorm Room

Whether you are buying it for your child’s dorm room or your own dorm room, a wall mural adds real personal touch to any college dwelling. Not only is it great for adding some personality to the usually dull rooms, but it will also get the other students talking. Break with the traditional picture or poster, and get something that really gets people buzzing.

The Bathroom

Having a nice bathroom is one of the secrets of great home design, and since we spend a good deal of time in there doing various daily activities, it isn’t a bad idea to have it looking really nice. A nice mural of a relaxing landscape or of bright colors can really spruce up the look of this often neglected part of your home.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is a great place to display your home decor skills, and too often we just throw a picture of a spatula up or a sign that says “grandma’s kitchen”, and then we’re done with it. Think of a brightly colored mural with fun sayings, or different pieces of kitchen cookware. Maybe even with some pictures of flowers or pitchers full of fruit juice. How about a black and white mural with salt and pepper! There are more than a few ways to make your kitchen look unique and awesome with custom wall murals, so don’t skip over this place when pondering where to put your art.

The great thing about a custom wall mural is that it looks great anywhere. Too often, though, people want to just plop it down right in the living room, and be done with it. That’s not a bad idea seeing as how the living room is front and center, but what about the rest of the home? Dorm rooms, bathrooms or kitchens are great unique places to put your custom wall mural. Show us where you are going to put yours!


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