Wall Mural Recommendations for the Artist in Your Life

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Here at Canvas Wallpapers, we keep a wide variety of designs to fit everyone’s tastes. That being said, we know that certain styles fit certain personalities better than others. If you have someone who is expressive, talented, and loves to dedicate their spare time to creating works of art or other crafts, then we have something for them. Doesn’t matter if it is painting, photography, or music, our wall mural recommendations for the artist in your life will work perfectly on the wall in their homes.

Jimmy Hendrix

The best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. Nobody was able to express themselves on 6 strings like Hendrix. People who watched him perform said that he wasn’t actually “playing” anything at all, and that the guitar was just an extension of his body. Unorthodox, ground-breaking, and experimental, his influence still reverberates down to this day when young kids pick up an axe and try to play Voodoo Child. This mural is perfect for any guitarist in your life.

The Love Bell

We aren’t quite sure what it is about this mural that gets us so good, but make no mistake, it does. The solitary feeling of the bell in the distance surrounded by emptiness gives a comforting feeling, and the black and white color only adds to the ambiance. If you have a photography buff in your life, then we couldn’t recommend anything else more from our collection than this one.


Perhaps the funniest one in stock, this photo will put on a smile on a person’s face every time they see it. Perfect for any film buff, seeing this little critter trying to direct a film shoot might help put things in perspective for them after a disappointing day on the set. Great for a professional film maker, amateur, or enthusiast, Squirrel belongs right on the center of the wall in their workroom.

We make sure that our stock is diverse enough to please anyone. If we don’t have it, then we can have it custom made. If you want to buy for an expressive person close to you, then check out our wall mural recommendations for the artist in your life, and get them a gift that they will never forget. Our wall murals aren’t just limited to artists, though. There is something for everyone!

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