How Nature Wall Murals Can Improve Your Decor

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What could be more pleasing to the eyes than a beautiful nature scene? It can be hard to be in a forest or on the beach and go to work at the same time. Nature wall murals can be a way to resolve this dilemma. Add one to the wall and, visually, at least, you're working on the beach.

Wall murals add a layer of insulation, so if you want a warmer, cooler, or quieter work space, a wall mural can really help... physically, as well as psychologically. If you want to enclose your work space and separate it from the rest of a building, you could attach a canvas wall mural to a full-sized screen or partition. A mural might create a visual illusion of wide open space, or define your work space as a cozy little cave.

Warm wall murals

Canvas can help trap warm air inside a room. At the same time, why not add warm colors and summertime images? Consider "Cuba," with that bright blue sky, tropical sea, and sun-baked sandy beach. Or "Daisies in the Wind," with their cheerful yellow centers against a summertime sky.

Cool wall murals

Canvas can help provide shade and insulation against summer's heat. At the same time, if you want a cooling effect, why not add images of coolness? Maybe a snow scape that looks as if you could ski down into it. Or "Austria," with the thin sunshine of early spring warming the field, but with lumps of snow left near the driveway and lots of snow still on the mountaintops. "Water Drop" looks just like a cool bath.

Open space on wall murals

Each of the different "Vanishing Point" wall murals suggests a different kind of open space. Tree-lined roads, paths, trails, piers, or railroad tracks, or a canal in Venice, visually slope away into a distant horizon. Long-range views like "Mountains 1" or cityscapes like "Montreal" also give a small room the visual illusion of opening into a vast distance. Views up into the tops of tall trees are another kind of effect that can make a small room look bigger. "Central Park Bench at Night" suggests a long (and rather chilly) distance.

Cozy wall murals

If you're using a wall mural to create a cozy little room inside a great echoing barn of a warehouse, consider a close-view wall mural for visual intimacy. "Allium 'Gladiator' Blooming" visually brings people close to the level of flowers that, in nature, grow only three or four feet high. "Lady Bug" brings people into the miniature world of beetles.

But that's not all...

You're not limited to nature motifs to create any of these effects. You can even customize your wall mural with an image of your own. Contact us today and find out more about our custom wall murals!

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