Marvels of Human Ingenuity: The Best Architecture Murals

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Human beings have made incredible wonders that can tower over us like a colossus, or stretching out for thousands of miles, so long they can be seen from space.  We light up these wonders with glittering electricity at night and silhouette them against the sun during the day.  Any one of these canvas prints will be sure to lend a peaceful yet awe-inspiring note to any room.

Golden Gate in the Fog

This bridge is hailed as one of the wonders of the modern world.  It spans the one mile wide Golden Gate Strait and is the most recognizable symbol of San Francisco.  Until 1964, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world, and even today is thought to be one of the most beautiful human-made structures in the world.

Budapest Parliament Building

Striking in its perfect symmetry, this Hungarian government building is one of the strongest symbols associated with Hungary and a vastly popular tourist destination.  At night, as it is pictured here, it glows with an internal fire matched only by its own reflection out on the waters of the Danube. It is the highest building in the country and has been standing since 1904 - more than one hundred years.

Old Japan and Modern Japan

Beauty and ingenuity come in all forms and time periods.  This contrast of this aesthetically calm and comparatively simple old Japanese estate flanked by the modern metropolis behind it denotes a beautiful pride in human kind’s progression and simultaneous respect for the past.

Surrounding yourself and the inside of your home with some of the best architectural achievements humanity has to offer is always a good bet.  These exemplary structures captured in beautiful photography are sure to add a measure of sophistication and beauty to any space.

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